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Black Cork Passport Holder with front seam detailing, and embossed Leeds United Crest. Inside you can keep your Passport and tickets, along with 6 credit card slots. CORK is a renewable natural material that is both beautiful and functional and can easily be used to replace animal leather in multiple products. It is an incredibly sustainable material due to its unique harvesting process, as the bark is from the Cork Oak Tree in Portugal, which is harvested without harming the Oak in any way. This harvesting of Cork is important as its removal of the bark keeps the tree thriving for hundreds of years. As a tree recovers, it extracts from polluted air 3-5 times more carbon dioxide than an un-harvested tree. So not only is cork a fantastic fabric for accessories in terms of its aesthetic properties, but its use actually helps protect the environment.


All of the below points make it one of the best alternatives to animal leather. Highly Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty free, Chemical free, Natural Resource, Very durable, Lightweight, Water resistant, Stain resistant , Soft to the touch.


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